heather kasper
LRHS special education teacher and Student Government Association (SGA) adviser Heather Kasper prepares a lesson

“Mustangs Ahead” is asking teachers “Why do you teach?” This segment by Paige Venuto is about LRHS Exceptional Student Education Student Government Association (SGA) adviser Heather Kasper.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of the future generation. I struggled in school; however, this one teacher who I met in third grade and interacted with until seventh grade truly changed my life and helped me overcome many obstacles that stood before me. I wanted to be like her and she truly inspired me that I can make a difference in kid’s lives one day.

I chose special education because I was a classified student since third grade and have a sister who is mentally handicapped. I knew that this was the area I wanted to impact and give back. Going through the special education system myself, I could see many areas that needed change.

I chose to teach math as it was always a stronger area for me while in school. Additionally, once I learned something in math it was easy for me to explain it to others in multiple ways.

I started teaching right out of college. I secured my teaching job a year before graduating college at the same high school I went to. I was hired as a Geometry special education teacher, however was dual certified to teach so I could teacher regular math as well. I taught in an inner-city school for six years.

I thought I wanted to be an administrator, but when I shadowed my supervisor for a year I realized I wouldn’t really interact with the students and would be managing teachers who may be stuck in their ways and don’t want to change. However, I became sick and needed an open-heart surgery. During my recovery, I started to think how I needed a break from teaching because maybe it was causing me too much stress. This is when I began nannying. During these years, I realized that this job wasn’t very fulfilling for me, and I decided that I wanted to go back to teaching.

Though some days can be very draining, I absolutely love what I do. I teach special education learning strategies (organization, mentoring, advocating and tutoring) to the lower quartile student population and Student Government Association (SGA) to the higher quartile student population. I really have the best of both worlds!
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