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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS senior Cara Zeveney is looking forward to graduation and looking back on her many accomplishments here at LRHS. Her achievements over the years include becoming certified in Animal Science and Agritechnology.

cara zavney
LRHS senior Cara Zeveney has excelled in agriculture

Zeveney has spent copious amounts of time studying and preparing to show her “proficient knowledge and field experience” in efforts to become certified and show her work ethic and commitment which will be valuable to colleges and businesses.

“Becoming certified helps me build up my resume and makes it easier to get a job in animal services,” said Zeveney.

Each certification took two years of studying and preparation before taking the test and Zeveney takes pride in her hard work. She knows that even if she never uses her certifications, her determination and dedication is even more gratifying than the certification itself.

“The experience provides for the understanding of what it takes to commit to something,” said Zeveney.

Zeveney’s work toward her certifications has paid off short term with her certification license, but due to her outstanding work ethic and sense of accomplishments her long road of accomplishments has only begun.

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