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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- High school is a time of self-discovery. It’s a four-year journey in which students find themselves as they progress from adolescence to young adulthood. It’s the best of times, the most challenging of times and everywhere in between.

High school is when we experience new things for the first time, uncover aspects of life we hadn’t yet reached, and find a wide range of new feelings and responsibilities.

What we experience during our times in high school gives us important life wisdom that you only truly learn here for the first time. You aren’t that same middle schooler you once were.

Growing up we become wiser, more mature and more aware of the adult life.

Many senior Mustangs can reflect on how they have changed since their freshman year.

“I’m an almost completely different person from freshman year. I remember freshman year I was immature, and I didn’t take things as seriously. I was a lot more naive and had a different viewpoint on the world. Now as a senior I do a lot more, I go out more, I’m nicer and more social, and I am focused more on the future. I’m more serious about focusing on. I feel grown in a way,” said Sophi Reid.

Sarah Watts said, “I feel like I’m more outgoing now. I used to not talk, not as judgmental, and I care less about certain things I used to. I was honestly a pretty annoying freshman.”

Reagan Jarolin reflected, “A lot has changed since freshman year. A lot of people have come and gone and that makes an impact on you. A lot of new experiences, things you haven’t done before freshman year. Relationships, friendships, a lot changes your experiences and views. But it’s a lot of good change, I’m happier, I’ve done more and I’ve started to become a man.”

Noah Bennet said, “Since freshman year I have become a lot wiser and more mature. I remember freshman year I was just this kid who wasn’t really aware of what was happening outside my own bubble. I didn’t think about the long-term, I mostly spent my time goofing off. But as I’ve became a senior, things have become more serious for me. I’m more independent, and I’m becoming my own person. And I quite like it.”

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