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The final year of the 2017-18 graduating class is slowly ending, and seniors are sharing their memories about the year.

Payton King said, “I’m going to miss a lot about high school, but the thing I’ll miss the most is senior privileges. The thing I’m not going to miss will be the school work and tests.”

King said her best memory of high school was prom, “Getting dressed up and hanging out with my friends was a really cool experience.” King continued, “After prom we all went to eat and then to a friend’s house. Leaving high school is going to be cool because of all the new opportunities that will come my way.”

Madi Locastro said, “I have been playing softball with LRHS since ninth grade. I have made a lot of friends from softball that I am going to miss as we all part ways off to colleges. Waking up early is very hard for me, so leaving high school and waking up on my own time for a little bit will be nice.”

Nick Napier said, “I’m going to miss my teachers that I’ve grown close to. My best memory of high school would be making videos in TV production. A lot excites me about leaving high school. New friends, new experiences, and being able to do track in college.”

Taylor Butler is going to miss his friends when he goes off to college, “I’m going to miss seeing all my friends every day because we will be going to different colleges.” Butler added, “My favorite memory was freshman year in Mrs. Bueso’s class. I’m very excited for all the new opportunities. For upcoming seniors, make sure you make the last year count, it flies by.”

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