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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS media arts teacher Greg Klein has released the club photo schedule. The photos will begin at 7:45 a.m. on Tuesday, March 13 in thegym. Students are advised to be on time and ready when they arrive.

Students and teachers who are scheduled to take club photos were told to communicate this information with their clubs to avoid any confusion.

“Be on time or miss it,” said Klein. He stressed the importance of organization for the upcoming event. “If a student is in multiple clubs, something will be worked out. Sometimes it works out on its own as the timing can fit. However, there is no guarantee that a student will be in every picture.”

Klein emphasized the photographers try to avoid conflicts at all costs.

“We try to set up the times to avoid conflicting club schedules, but it is evident that they cannot be completely avoided,” he said.  “If possible, we will try and hold up and wait for the other person to hurry up, however it can’t be guaranteed that every student will be photographed for all their activities.”

Yearbook students will be present as well to take the names of the photographed students to incorporate them into the yearbook. There will also be an and a photographer to make the process quicker and run more smoothly.

Club members are advised to wear their club t-shirts for the pictures.

Club Photos 2018

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