Hannah Kennelly – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – This week in LRHS English teacher Ansley Deese’s Adanced Placement (AP) language and composition class, students have been arguing the merits of a hypothetical heart transplant.

marisa skertich in deese class
Senior Marisa Skeritch is ready to present in Advanced Placement Language and Composition

The students were put in groups and assigned an imaginary patient who needs a transplant.  The catch is that there are six patients all eligible to receive the heart transplant, so the students have to convince students posing as lead surgeons that their patient deserves the heart.

The activity benefits students and aids them in increasing their persuasive arguing abilities.

“I thought the activity was fun and I was really happy that my group made it all the way and won. I believe we won because of our strong arguments,” said junior Bella Selmer.

Deese was extremely proud of her students, “These kiddos worked so hard and demonstrated superb argumentation skills.”

As extra credit, students were given the option to dress up as lawyers/business workers or as doctors.

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