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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Starting next year, Mustangs will have the opportunity to take Chemistry 2.

Chemistry 2 is designed to be a branch between Chemistry 1 (regular or honors) and any Advanced Placement (AP) science class. Mustangs who don’t wish to take an AP class can also sign up.

In the first and second quarters, students will get to review everything they learned in Chemistry 1 and go over some things that they missed. In the third and fourth quarters, students will get to study organic and biochemistry.

According to LRHS chemistry teacher Tammy Harper, “We saw that the difference between what kids have to know for Chemistry and what they have to know for AP is such a huge amount of information and we wanted to have our students be more prepared so that when they do get to an AP class, they don’t feel so overwhelmed. We also wanted to provide a way for our regular Chemistry kids to be able to bump up to AP and this is a great way to do that.”

By taking this class, students will feel better prepared for AP science and university classes. It can also cover topics that they may be interested in that they didn’t get to study in Chemistry 1.

“I believe that taking Chemistry 2 would help me to have a better understanding on natural changes in the world and on important things such as what medicines or everyday things are made of,” said junior Cedris Bullard.

To sign up for Chemistry 2, Mustangs must have taken Chemistry 1. Students in regular Chemistry must have an A in the class while students in Chemistry 1 Honors must have an A or a B.

Students can sign up with their school counselors when class registration begins later this month.

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