Niki Cain – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – With the first practice of the season nearing, the Lady Mustangs Flag Football team is eager to see what the new season brings.

A new season brings changes for the Lady Mustangs. Last year, with only 21 girls, the team was one big unit, all playing together. This season, however, more than 50 girls signed up.

This means the program will be composed of two teams – junior varsity (JV) and varsity. The girls will travel to other schools and play separate JV and varsity games, with their furthest game being at St. Petersburg High school.

Senior Bree Mazzella said, “I’m excited, I played last year, and I loved it.”

First year flag football player junior Kendyl Brahler commented, “I’m happy I signed up this year and I think it will be a fun experience.”

Coach Elijah Weaver said, “It’ll be different with so many girls, but I know it’ll be a fun season. We’re going to go out, work hard, and be better than last year.”

Since last years coaching staff did not carry over to this year, Weaver is teaming up with Coach Melanie Johnson to coach the Lady Mustangs.

Weaver claimed, “It’ll be a good season.”

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