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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The three years between a high school student’s freshman and senior years is a journey which brings about a lot of change. In terms of appearance, behavior, and goals, high schoolers undergo crucial adaptations as they age and mature.

It is a critical time when students discover who they are, and they find themselves undergoing physical changes as they near the end of their paths to young adulthood.

If you were to spot a senior wearing their freshman ID on their lanyard, you would probably have a hard time believing that senior is the same person as in the picture.

From ages 14-18, they all go through incredible and seemingly fast transitions. We get taller, voices get deeper, and our facial features develop.

The transformation is so prominent that it’s even recognized with the “Most changed since freshman year” senior superlative in the yearbook.

Asking seniors about such changes offers a unique perspective of the whole experience.

“I’ve changed a lot since freshman year, looking back at it. I haven’t really grown in height, I’m still a short guy but my muscles have developed a lot, and my shoulders are broader. I feel like I’m more proportionate, I look almost like an adult now and it’s a crazy thought,” said Austin Smith.

Bryce Boese, a nominee for the “Most Changed since Freshman Year” senior superlative, said, “I got a lot taller, my hair got a lot longer, I’m leaner, and I feel like I just have a more mature appearance.”

Skylee Miller, also a nominee for the superlative, said, “I’ve done a lot of growing in high school. I looked like a baby during freshman year. I did not look good at all. But now I feel a lot more confident, a lot older looking. I’ve gotten taller and a lot more attractive. It’s been worth going through the transition period.”

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