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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS sophomore Madison Wenum is one of many to complete her certifications in various technical programs. Wenum has been working diligently since her freshman year to be officially certified in programs including business technology programs such as Word, Excel, Photoshop, and PowerPoint.

To be certified in a technical program means that the individual is proficient and knowledgeable about the program and its applications. In order to achieve and retain electronic certification, it is necessary to study and pass several examinations on the program. Additional annual examinations are required to retain the certification. Examinations generally last for an hour.

Wenum studied over the course of a year, passed the examination, and is now one of the few Mustangs to be certified in Excel.

“My certifications give me the chance of having more job opportunities,” said Wenum.

Wenum knows that when it comes to jobs, every little thing can be enough to push you over the other applicants and secure success. However, she also realizes the value of hard work well spent.

“It was good to have a general knowledge of programs I might have to use in the future. It was a gratifying experience for me, even if I don’t end up using [my certifications] professionally,” she added.

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