With registration for the 2018-2019 school year coming up, Mustangs Ahead staff Adina Mayo and Karen Rudd dive into the world of electives to answer the question: What electives should students take?

Adina Mayo and Karen Rudd – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS offers many different kinds of art courses for students to take as electives. However, in order to take any of them, students must first pass the 2D Studio Art 1 course.

Sophomore Molly Lofthouse is taking 2D Studio Art 1 with art teacher Elizabeth Henry.

“Henry is very helpful and lets us take our own lead with the projects she assigns,” said Lofthouse.

Freshman Cinta Isom, who is also taking the class.

“Henry makes really fun projects,” she said, “but I don’t like the notes that we have to take.”

After 2D Studio Art 1, many courses focus on all different types of art.

Sophomore Regan Brahler has moved on to Draw 1, taught by Abby Kolesa, and Creative Photography 1, taught by Greg Klein.

“Kolesa is a great teacher. She helps me push myself to do better,” said Brahler. “I really like how the class setting is really open and I feel free to experiment with my art.”

Brahler’s classmate Gee Basilone, who is also a sophomore, takes Painting 1 and 2D Studio Art alongside the Draw 1 class.

“I took painting to develop my skills with acrylic, watercolor, and oil mediums since I haven’t been exposed to them on my own,” said Basilone. “I spend most of my even days in the art room and it’s relaxing to end my day with an art class where I can just work on my portfolio.”

For students who are passionate about art, LRHS offers Advanced Placement (AP) Art. This challenging course allows students to work with any type of art and requires students to have a portfolio of 24 art pieces by the end of the year.

Senior Brianna Donahue has been in AP Art for two years now and is very dedicated to her work. She started with 2D Studio Art 1 and then continued with Draw 1 and AP Art.

“Once you work your way up and you’re in AP you have all these resources and it’s really great,” said Donahue. “When you’re in AP you need to have a lot of portfolio time, so they recommend having more than one art class.”

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