Kat Stuart – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH FL)- On Sunday the New England Patriots took on the Philidelphia Eagles in Minnesota in Super Bowl LII.  The final score was 41-33 in favor of the Eagles after an exciting, back-and-forth contest.

Along with watching the Super Bowl for the thrill of the game, Fans always look forward to new TV commercials companies create and televise during the game.

Many Mustangs noticed the Amazon Alexa commercial, the Tide Pods, Budweiser, and the Dorito’s Fire vs. Mountain Dew Ice commercial.

Sophomore Kara Smith said her favorite Commercial was the Alexa Commercial.

“Of course Cardi B is this commercial she was perfect for it,” she said.  “Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, Anthony Hopkins, Gordon Ramsay: Amazon really outdid themselves this year”.

Senior Jacob Riffe’s thoughts on putting Cardi B in that commercial was “it was stupid and annoying. I can’t stand her”. However, Riffe thought the M&M commercial really stood out.

“I love Danny Devito. That commercial really made me laugh. I also really liked the Mountain Dew Ice vs. Dorito’s Fire commercial.  The effects were cool and using Morgan Freeman, Peter Dinklage, and Missy Elliot was just so weird but awesome”.

Well-known brands such as Tide, Coca-Cola, Bud-Light, and Australian Airlines came up with some pretty creative and memorable commercials.

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