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Jonathan Barker – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- As a fan of film, I try my best to catch every new movie that I find interesting or possibly good, and sometimes bad. Since other priorities exist, it is impossible for me or any other film afficianado to catch them all. With the new year well underway, as well the 90th Annual Academy Awards fast approaching, the time is now to catch up on what was missed.

  1. Logan“- This was the apparent final X-men film for leads Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart (Wolverine and Professor X). The film was tasked with not only correctly crafting a good movie, but to send off the two most recognizable characters and actors in the franchise. With critics such as David Sims claiming it “a cheap exercise in bloody violence and the subversion of typical superhero tropes makes it a great deal organic,” the movie seems very promising for someone yet to see it.
  2. Blade Runner 2049“- It is interesting how I missed my most anticipated movie of the year. The 1982 original “Blade Runner” is a pillar of modern science fiction. Few movies can paint the picture of something not yet imagined or conceptualized quite like “Blade Runner.” My interest lies in the story’s universe, and the surroundings of the characters in this movie. Experiencing the universe in a movie theatre, where one can enjoy every single detail in the fullest, was optimal. Watching it at home however will have to do.
  3. “Coco”– Pixar’s yearly effort once again seemed to hit with audiences, through critical acclaim and domestic box office earnings exceeding $200 million. By combining dazzling visuals along with a narrative often explaining complex emotions and human characteristics, Pixar succeeds in not only enthralling the young audience that it targets, but it finds a way into the heart of any movie lover.
  4. The Shape of Water“- More so than actors or plots, new films from a favorite director excites me. When the visual mystic Guillermo Del Toro released his film at the end of last year, I was and still am fascinated of the prospect. Prolific in directing the fantasy genre with an emphasis on non-humanoid monsters, the idea that women in the process of cleaning come across something they should not see, it gives for a good setup.
  5. Call Me by Your Name“- One of the most tired concepts of film is the first love experience. This is because most people fondly remember their first love. When a movie about this is done right, it leaves audiences with a resonating, almost nostalgic bliss combining an original concept about something familiar. This movie should highlight tender emotions and an understanding of how humans really are.

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