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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – High school is known as the time to prepare for college and for one’s future career. Many classes and courses assist in this learning process, but which is the most important?  It turns out there’s no easy answer to that question.

When reflecting back on her high school career, senior Lauren Wood selected AP Psychology as the most important class she took.

When discussing the course, Wood stated, “So many things you learn in that class applies to daily life and the people around you. It overall helps with people and how to handle them which is very important in the working world.”

Senior Jonathan Barker said journalism has helped him the most throughout high school. Barker claimed, “It really taught me how to write in general and I think that’s really going to be helpful.”

Junior Cat Devita, an aspiring nurse, believes her current science class Anatomy and Physiology Honors is the most important for her future endeavors. Devita wishes to go to nursing school and confessed, “I’ve never had a more helpful class for my future. I feel like it’ll help me a lot through college and nursing school.”

Sophomore Sasha Cain thinks her Early Childhood Education class was the most helpful for her, for she wishes to work with children as a future career. Cain stated, “It prepares me for what I want to do. I can actually work with kids and that’s nice.”

College advisor Michelle Todoroff believes the most important classes depend on the individual.

Todoroff said, “You have to stick to what you want to do when you’re in college and after.  If you want to be a doctor, take AP Chem. If you want to be a writer, take journalism and advanced English classes. The ‘most important’ class depends on what you want to do in life.”

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