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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) –  “You adapt to each place so ‘liking’ them isn’t a real thing. Everywhere has good and bad,” said senior Chloe Brown.

Ever since a young age, Brown has moved around the globe. She was born in Manchester, England, but moved to Sarasota, Florida when she was 5-years-old.

She began her American education at Tatum Ridge Elementary, but when she was eight, her family made another big move – This time to Australia.

The moving turned into a cycle of Australia, England, and the United States.

After a quick trip to Las Vegas in 2012, her dad dragged the family to a town near Vegas. So, for the second semester of seventh grade, she lived in Henderson, Nevada.

Once middle school was completed, she moved back to Australia once again.

“I basically grew up in Australia. I did most of high school there and had many long-term friends. It’s the place I know best,” Brown reflected. Yet, her family felt they needed to give America one more chance, so they went back to Florida.

Brown was only months away from graduation in Australia, but due to the move to Florida, she had to restart her senior year. “All my friends graduated two weeks ago, and I still have a whole semester left.”

Brown had always wanted to go to high school in America, so she doesn’t mind the extra time. “I have to admit, I was expecting lockers,” Brown joked.

Brown plans to continue her journey in North America. “I’m either going to college up north, or in Canada. After that I’ll just see where I go.”

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