Julian Hurt – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Completing and passing high school exams concern nearly all students. As exams begin, the burden that weighs on every student’s shoulders is a little bit heavier on LRHS freshmen, first-year test takers.  Several feel the pressure about their upcoming exams, study habits, and plans for testing season.

Maya Wellard is feeling the nervousness for her exams, “Even if I’m doing well in my classes, exams are always intimidating.”

Oppositely, AJ Ward is feeling confident, “To be honest, I’m not really that worried. I feel pretty confident in all but one of my classes.”

Studying is a crucial part of preparing for exams, however Wellard is taking an alternative route, “Even though I’m worried, I don’t think I’ll end up studying that much.”

Ward agreed, “Nah, I’m worried about maybe one class but I don’t think I’ll end up studying a lot.”

Most students have an exam in mind that makes them most nervous. For Wellard, math is her biggest fear, “I’m really scared for my upcoming algebra two exam. It’s the class I struggle the most in as well as my lowest grade.”

Ward heard her response and disagreed, “Actually, I’m least worried about my math exam. The only midterm I’m worried about is my language arts one.”

In the end, confidence can be key when it comes to passing midterms.

Wellard knows this, and said, “On the end overall I think if I try my best I can get the grades I want.”

Similarly, Ward responded, “Even though I’m worried now, I know that I’ll probably end up with all A’s.”

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