Chris Holmes – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Driving can be a very nerve racking experience, especially if it is someone’s first time. So many thoughts run through a person’s mind when they are behind the wheel for the first time, such as fear of crashing, following the traffic laws, and listening to their parents repeatedly yelling to slow down.

Many Mustangs have gone through this experience and have different opinions on how it went.

Senior Taylor Jefferson stated, “My first time was super fun, my dad and I were driving in my neighborhood at 30-45 miles an hour, it was awesome.”

Sophomore Morgan Kirchman stated, “It honestly wasn’t that bad, I just took it really slow and was super careful.”

Sophomore Chloe Fields added, “I forgot to change the gear to drive so I was just hitting the gas and then I realized I’m supposed to change the thing to drive so I did and then I drove and it was kind of stressful.”

Junior Denver Romano commented, “The first time I ever drove I was really nervous, my dad took me to an empty church parking lot and he made me drive around for an hour. At first I wasn’t sure how hard to push the gas but after I got a feel of everything it was really easy and I realized I didn’t have anything to worry about.”

Tom Wyar, the LRHS driving instructor advised that new drivers should “follow traffic laws, don’t drink and drive, wear your seatbelt, and always keep your eyes on the road.”


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