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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – As the end of Dec. draws closer and closer, many Mustangs are preparing to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah. Some people may be aware of other religions that look forward to their own traditions.

Junior Areena Bakshi celebrates the Islamic holiday called Eid.

“This holiday is a very special celebration,” she exclaimed. “It is celebrated twice a year. The first one begins when we fast for a whole month and attend a special church ceremony every night. It is very similar to Christmas because every family gathers together and brings food. The younger children also receive gifts and play with the other children.

“The second celebration is always everyone’s least favorite. It is mainly focused on the sacrifice of animals. Families are all required to sacrifice one animal at the celebration, one per family. Music during these celebrations is prohibited. Usually all of the kids hate celebrating this part of the holiday,” said Bakshi.

Eid is also known as “the sacrifice feast,” and the second celebration is considered to be the holier of the two. The animals must be either a sheep, cow, goat, buffalo, or camel. Extensive prayers follow this sacrifice.

Bakshi explained her religion is very strict, and certain foods are banned. There are strict limitations about music, and clothing as well.

People in countries such as Turkey, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia also celebrate this unique holiday, although the length of the holiday varies.

The prayers for this holiday are also known as Salat, and they primarily take place as soon as the sun meets the horizon.

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