Nicolette Ngov and Kara Smith – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Monday, Dec 4, LRHS advanced placement (AP) world history teacher Kathleen Soles held a Genghis Khan mock trial for her students. The trial was to prove whether the 12th century conqueror and his descendants should be charged with crimes against humanity.

Students chose their roles in the trial and whether or not they wanted to be on the prosecution or defense side.

The attorneys had to come up with questions to ask their witnesses as well as questions for cross-examinations. The witnesses had to write testimonies and biographies of their character that the attorneys could base their questions on.

Sophomore Chloe Fields said, “It was cool being a defense attorney and trying to prove someone who I believed was guilty innocent. It was a fun challenge and I’m glad we did it.”

The trial began with opening statements from each side and then prosecution began to question their witnesses.  After each of the prosecution witness’ direct examinations, the defense attorneys were able to do a cross-examination. This was the same for defense attorneys and their witnesses.

Sophomore Andrea McPherson was a defense witness and said, “It was hard answering the cross-examination questions but it was fun throwing the prosecution attorneys off guard when my answers weren’t what they expected.”

At the end of the trials the jury members went outside to decide on a verdict. Third and fifth periods found Khan guilty and seventh period found Khan innocent.

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