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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Many LRHS teachers have had children attend the school. So what is it like having your own children attend the school where you teach? What the pros and cons? We asked teachers who are dads to children in the school.

Mustangs Ahead (MA): What was the best thing about having a child at LRHS?

  • “Getting to see them every day.” – Michael Koczersut (Physical Education and head football coach)
  • “Well I would say sharing a ride to school, but that was usually a very sleepy, quiet experience!
    Probably the best thing was knowing that we had common experiences that we could share and talk about – Lakewood Ranch High School is its own vital vibrant community, and it was great to have my son be a part of it. Specifically in my case, I was able to actually have my son in my class – and that was a truly blessed experience. Also, I got to see the teaching profession through my son’s eyes – and that was truly valuable for me.” – Dave Frantz (Social Studies)
  • “I specifically moved to LRHS from Iowa (my last stop as a college coach) to have my kids go to school here. After a lot of research, we decided that the best place for our children was LRHS. I wanted to coach my kids through high school and I wanted to be a part of their experience.” – Mark Napier (Science and track coach)

MA: What was the worst thing about having a child at LRHS?

  • “Having to deal with some teachers who taught my children and learn to be politically correct to a colleague.” –Napier
  • “Well those early-morning drives were often uncomfortable, because neither of us are morning people. And occasionally, dealing with teachers that I know on a personal level and dealing with them with regard to my child was sometimes challenging, especially when those teachers ran their classes so different from the way I run mine.” – Frantz
  • “Having to fight with them and having to hear about any success they had was because of their Dad” – Koczersut

 MA: Do you think your parenting experience was different because you worked at your child’s school?

  • “Absolutely, I didn’t always agree with the people they chose to be around. I had to learn when to be a dad.” – Koczersut
  • “I think it helped me have an insight into a teenager’s world that I wouldn’t necessarily be privy to if I did not work at the high school.” – Frantz
  • “Yes. All of it for the better.’ – Napier

 MA: Does your child enjoy the school?

  • “Yes, all of my children like going to LRHS. At times they had difficulty with some of the rules or favoritism towards some groups of students but that is expected at any school.” – Napier
  • “Depends on which day you’re talking about! Ha ha. Seriously, I think my son has loved being a Mustang.” – Frantz
  • “The older they got the more they enjoyed it.” – Koczersut

 MA: Does your child enjoy having a parent at the school?

  • “For the most part I think they have enjoyed it.” – Koczersut
  • “I think all three of my boys enjoyed having me there as a teacher at their school. I enjoy being around and teaching kids. I feel my positive vibe is contagious and helps them through a peer-pressured time in their lives. I feel my connection with the other kids made it easier for them because their dad was the nice guy.” – Napier
  • “Tough question! I think he would give a mixed response to that – but I think years from now he will look back on these years at Lakewood Ranch High School and be very appreciative of the daily contact we had it his four years there.” – Frantz

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