Lily Osborne – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – On average, every individual American produces over four pounds of trash a day. For most LRHS students and staff, a decent amount of that trash is disposed of at school.

Since there is so much waste, a whole team is needed to take care of it. That is the job of the custodial staff here at LRHS.

There are 14 members of the crew, five of whom work during the day and the other nine at night. These men and women do all they can to keep the school looking organized and clean.

The day custodians at the school are Sergio Rubio, Paul Gullet, Patrice Pompey, Terreall Hayes, and Walter Wisnowski. They are the custodians that students see every day around the school and at lunch.

The night custodial crew consists of Stephen Sacchi, Sonia Cabrera, James Guest, Flora Lopez, Josephine Newton, Mildred Ramos, Niel Stinton, Glenn Tateosian, and Dorothy Taylor. These custodians do their job at night after school is dismissed.

These people are all imperative for keeping LRHS an enjoyable, safe, and clean school. Their days are filled with work that many students do not even realize someone has to do.

Sergio Rubio is the plant manager, or head custodian, at LRHS. Rubio said that his typical work day “consists of opening the school/restrooms, doing outside trash in the morning, or replacing light bulbs, checking out stuff my night crew leaves me notes for, checking rooms when I get calls or emails for the A/C temperatures, checking our supplies making sure we have enough to get us through, and anything that comes through the radio throughout the day.”

The LRHS custodians care immensely for the students and staff at the school, and make the best of their time at the school while getting their jobs done.

Rubio said, “My favorite part of the job is knowing that hard work does really pay off. ‘You get what you put in.’ That is a saying I learned when I got to the School Board, and as far as I know I’ve been putting in some good times, and the reward is the good time I am having at LRHS.”

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