Devin Manning and Peyton Mclaughlin – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The holiday season is approaching quickly, which means it’s important to share kindness and love throughout the community.

The school district promotes character education themes by picking monthly pillar, for Dec. the Pillar is Kindness.

Kindness means the tendency to be kind and forgiving toward each other, and being warm hearted and considerate for the holidays.

Dec. is a time where everyone comes together as one and reflects on the years prior.

Some ways you could show kindness throughout the holiday season is by using your manners, which includes saying “excuse me,” “please,” and “thank you.” Also, by extending a hand to family and friends in need.

LRHS junior Jacob Pipercic said, “I think kindness is very important, especially with the world we live in today. It’s nice to see people be kind to one other because it can bring a community together.”

It is important to spread kindness and think about other’s feelings first.

LRHS junior Brady Roberts said, “Kindness is something that could benefit all of society. Kindness can make a sad day better.”

Senior Taylor Jefferson said, “Kindness can be scarce around the holiday season, since it’s a stressful time of year. It’s important for everyone to be considerate toward each other.”

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