Hayes DuJardin – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) –  As Mustang seniors enter the second quarter of their final year at Lakewood Ranch, many have developed lists of goals they want to accomplish before moving on. Beyond goals related to grades, many of these so-called “bucket lists” are simply personal things they want to accomplish.

Gia Ciccone said her goals are pretty simple. “My goals would be to get into college, obviously, but also to just make this the best year possible by making it as memorable as I can with all my friends.”

Matt Dugan, also has some straightforward goals. “I would say getting accepted into a respectable college, having some money saved before I leave, and retaining great relationships with my friends would be my main goals before I graduate.”

Kendall Wilson has a different set of goals.  “I would like to meet three new people that have been at Lakewood as long as me, because I like meeting new people. I also want to decide what career path I want to take because I am still unsure.”

While these school-related girls are sure to help pave a good future, some students have goals that lie outside of their education.

Paige Venuto stated she would like to “get into college, get my license, and go to Africa!” An international travel would be a very interesting experience that would be sure to open someone’s eyes to other styles of living.

In the same vein, Holly MacLeod said she hopes to bungee jump before completing senior year.

Some students would like to provide for others. Abby Shilling would like to create a music summer camp, as well as be the president of the LRHS chorus department. This would be a good way for young people interested in music to explore the talents they have.

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