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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS wrestling season is beginning, and the first meet is right around the corner. According to team members and the coach, wrestling is one of the hardest sports you can participate in at LRHS.

Despite the level of dedication required to take part in this sport, it is less popular than some of the other team sports such as football and basketball.   So why wrestle? Why dedicate so much work and gain so little?

Sophomore Jamal Aoudi has been wrestling for over a year, and this is his second LRHS season.

Aoudi joined because, “Last year, the coaches and teammates convinced me to join the team by motivating me and telling me I’m a good fit for the sport.”

Another sophomore wrestler, Cam Schillson, has a different reason for joining the wrestling team, “I joined because my brother wrestled all four years when he was in high school.”

A first-year team member may be surprised about the intense work wrestling requires, but Aoudi has done it for so long because, “Once I joined, I fell in love with the sport.”

Schillson agreed with Aoudi, “Once you join you start developing a love for the sport. The coaching is great, and everyone has a supporting team that keeps you going.”

Aoudi stated, “My favorite thing about wrestling is the life lessons it teaches you.” He added, “I can explain it in ten words. Those words are commitment, desire, discipline, intensity, dedication, perseverance, toughness, confidence, attitude, and determination.”

Schillson said, “My favorite things about wrestling are the tournaments and the trips to the tournaments. This year I’m most excited for districts, regionals, and states.”

Aoudi is very excited for the season, “I’m most excited to get into the meets and really start competing since I wasn’t able to last year due to injury.”

LRHS wrestling coach Tyler Small stated what he’s looking forward to this season, “I’m most excited about the potential to fill close to or all 14 weight classes and being able to compete with several schools we may not have been able to last year.”

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