Corinna Lunsford – Mustangs Ahead

 (LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)-  LRHS offers many classes that could be considered hidden gems. One of those classes is Art Collaboration.

A group of teachers including art teacher Terry Thompson started this class. When teaching the class here at LRHS, she was having a conversation with some students and a comment was made about how people “chose” to be poor.

That comment had made her think about how younger generations need help grasping the concept of children not being able to control the income that they were born into. In turn, she used this concept to create a class that revolves around the community.

Thompson had used her connections to reach out to a teacher named Krissy Daughtry from Braden River Middle to help her pair the LRHS students to the elementary kids. Daughtry had a similar program and assisted the LRHS program.

In the course of the class, students are able to form close relationships with students from elementary schools. It is based on the model of big brothers and sisters. The LRHS students are acting as role models and adult figures for the younger kids.

“I think the high school students always learn more from the elementary students,” said Thompson, “The students get so much out of the class.”  This honors class is available for any upper classmen that are interested for the 2018-19 school year.

Junior Naya Hoffmann had found the class through Thompson directly, “I get to learn things in this class that you cannot learn in a regular class room. I get to help kids and have an influence in people’s lives.”

Senior Payton Adams describes some things she does with her paired child, “I am really big on hands on activities, coloring and playdough are some things that I do. It is a good way to get the kids to open up and talk to you. It helps us as high school students create a bond through interacting.”

Arts Collaboration seems to give LRHS students an opportunity that is not given in many other areas of our school. “I want to look back at my high school years and see that I did more than just learn on a campus,” Hoffmann concluded.

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