Maddie Mercer – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS Silver Stars Dance team has been raising money for its trip to their national competition, the biggest dance competition for high school dance teams.  Their latest fundraiser they did was “Snap! Raise.”

“Snap! Raise” is a fundraiser that allows the dancers’ families and friends to donate money online.  Each dancer sent out 20 emails to help raise money for nationals.

The goal for the dance team is to raise $5,000, and so far they have raised $4,505.  Each dancer, depending on how much money they help raise, is eligible for a prize.

If the dancer makes up to five donations they can earn a t-shirt or shorts.  If a dancer earns up to $1,000 worth in donations they can get either a backpack with their school logo on it or a pair of beats headphones.

“Snap! Raise” provides the prizes so it can help motivate the team to raise more money to reach their goal.

Sophomore and officer in training Brooke Martin said, “I think this fundraiser can really help us get where we need to for nationals and I appreciate everyone who has helped us achieve our goals.”

Senior and officer Marisa Skertich stated, “I am very grateful to everyone who is helping us and this fundraiser has helped us work as a team to reach our dreams.”

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