Jesse Rines – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The LRHS Forensic Speech and Debate team will be competing in a tournament this Saturday at school. This tournament will be the first forensics tournament held on the LRHS campus.

Junior and Speech and Debate President Bremen Clermont has high hopes for his event, Student Congress.

“I think I’m very prepared. My bill to be debated was submitted and accepted earlier today, and I feel like I’ve researched enough to be successful,” he said.

Student Congress is a team competition. Also on the team are juniors Diana Sanchez and Logan Fiedler, who, while nervous, are ready to compete.

“It’s my first event this year, so I’m obviously a little nervous. However, I’m confident in the abilities of my team and I,” said Sanchez.

Competing in Oratorical Declamation, sophomore Lauren McGill hopes this competition helps people understand what a Forensics tournament entails.

She commented, “It’s a great experience not only for the team, but for others to learn what Speech and Debate really is and what goes into the competition.”

LRHS English teacher and Speech and Debate adviser Amanda Hargen is ready to host the tournament.

“It’s really exciting. Over 400 people are attending, and 287 people are competing. I’m really hoping all of our hard work pays off.”

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