Julianna Catena – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS’ most recent blood drive on Nov. 2 was a thriving success.

The blood drive resulted in 106 units of blood. Each donation can save up to three lives, so that means 318 patients benefit from the lifesaving blood donors.

Every two seconds, someone needs blood. The blood donated at our blood drive will likely be transfused into a patient within the next few days.

The number one reason donors give blood is because they want to help others. This is because the need for blood never stops. A person in a car accident could need up to 100 pints of blood, therefore, it is important to donate regularly since one in three people could need a blood transfusion.

Blood cannot be manufactured; it is only given from generous donors like those from LRHS students and staff.

The One Blood coordinator Jamie Peticca, said she has been “giving blood since forever,” and loves giving back to other people in the community, helping save lives every day. “That to me is the best feeling,” she added.

The next LRHS  blood drive is scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 30.

For more information, check out the One Blood website.

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