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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS college and career adviser Michelle Todoroff wants to make sure all seniors are informed on the career and college news of the week.  This is a new service she’s decided to offer.  Here are the latest items.

New College will be here Wednesday, Nov. 8 after school in the Media Center to talk about the amazing programs their school has to offer.

Students can also sign up for a private 15-minute timeslot to meet with University of South Florida admissions in Room 610. In addition, Florida International University has extended their Merit Scholarship application deadline to Dec. 1.

Stetson University is giving out lots of amazing scholarships. For a Common Application Fee Waiver use the Code: HatterNation.

Clemson University is offering a $10,000 Scholarship Program: The Lyceum Scholars Program offers a traditional liberal arts education, much like what our Founding Fathers received. Students accepted into the program learn about liberty, free markets, the American Founding and moral character using a “Great Books” approach.

This exceptional education comes with a $10,000 scholarship and the credits to earn a minor in Political Science.

*New Local Scholarship:  ASALAH:  Must be African American high school student 3.0+ GPA, 3 letters of recommendation.  Application in Room 610.

*Democratic Women’s Club, $1,000:  Democratic Women’s Club:  Must be registered Democrat (or parent).

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