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Olivia Grant – Olivia Grant

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS is known for its academic and athletic excellence, but it should also be noted how skilled artists are here at the ranch.

From murals to paintings to sculptures, there is art all around the school made by amateurs and experts alike.

The unofficial ‘art hallway’ down stairs in the 5A building is covered from end to end with pieces of student art, both school projects and personal expression.

LRHS art teacher Terry Thompson said, “Even with assigned project we don’t give very specific guidelines so there’s a lot of variety in the work in the hall. They’re all students’ choices.”

That is evident in the multiple mediums and stylistic choices displayed in the students’ work.

Not only are they displayed in the hallway on rotation throughout the year, but students are given a chance to display their work with showcases in LRHS.

Thompson said, “There are showcases December seventh and April eighteenth. The showcases give students an opportunity to see how valuable their artwork is and it gives the community a chance to enjoy art.”

The students use all sorts of media – paint, pencil, clay, and, pastels – to express themselves through their work.

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