Chloe Nelson – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS Band is heading to Music Performance Assessments (MPAs) at 8:00 p.m. Saturday at Charlotte High School. Although other bands are attending, this is not a competition, but a way for students to see the areas they can work on for future performances.

Judges critique each performance from various bands and score them based on percussion, color guard, overall general effect, cleanliness, performance, timing, and marching technique. Then, each band receives a rating—poor, fair, good, excellent, and superior—based on every aspect of the critique.

The band has received all superiors for the last two years, both for general effect, percussion, music 1, music 2, color guard, and overall performance. LRHS band director Ron Lambert hopes to keep the record going this year.

“MPAs are like my report card. I get to see how well my band performed based off of my work and ideas,” Lambert said. “Keeping the record going shows that we can be an amazing band.”

Lambert is excited about finals because it is a chance for the band to show off their creativity. “I start with a blank canvas every year. I have to use the music I’m given and create a story from scratch,” he said. “I try to make that story come to life and paint a picture with the music.”

MPAs and finals are what really tests the band and their performance. “We always go back to fundamentals,” Lambert said. “Yeah, we have to learn drill, learn counts, and learn work. But, we have to remember what got us here. We have to remember the basic things needed to walk correctly, to hold your instrument, etc.”

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