This is the latest in a series of Mustangs Ahead articles that asks students why they joined a particular club.  We hope these stories provide insight into the many opportunities available at LRHS.

Amanda Hamende – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Lakewood Loves Animals is an LRHS club in which students volunteer at animal shelters and make toys for the animals.  They also post flyers around school about at least two animals that are currently up for adoption.

Sophomore Nicolette Ngov is a member in Lakewood Loves Animals and volunteers at Cat Depot.  Ngov first got involved in the club her freshman year, and instantly found the overall mission of the club personally motivating.

Ngov learned many things while in Lakewood Loves Animals and the most important was that, “Handling the animals is extremely important when working at an adoption center.  The dogs, for example, with behavioral issues were more difficult to work with.  Through the club, I learned how to deal with them in the nicest way possible.”

Ngov feels as though this club gives her a chance to do what she loves, which is being around animals.

Ngov stated, “I joined this club because in 2012 my family and I adopted my dog, Captain.  I wanted to spread awareness about different adoption centers you could get animals from instead of getting them from puppy mills.  Lakewood Loves Animals allows me to promote a message that I believe in: Adopt, Don’t Shop.”

Ngov exclaimed, “Adoption is a great option for those who want to give an animal a new home and gives them a second chance for happiness.  Abused and heartbroken animals that are put up for adoption deserve a loving home to call their own”

Anyone interested in Lakewood Loves Animals or how to get involved in shelters can contact club adviser Catherine Franek in room 579.

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