Rachel Latka – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Mustangs, like many students, like to socialize.  Sometimes that means meeting off-campus in large groups.  That can be a problem if those students are hungry.  Not every restaurant can, or will, welcome large parties.

There are, however, many enjoyable restaurants in Bradenton that accommodate large groups, and a few Mustangs are very familiar with these establishments.

Some examples of these establishments would be Kona Grill, Michael Johns, Michaelangelos, and Edelweiss.

These places all allow large groups to eat at their restaurants, especially Kona Grill. LRHS senior Maddy Rosenberg works as a hostess at Kona Grill. Rosenberg explained, “The Kona Grill at UTC allows parties up to 75 people.” She added this would be a great place to go with friends or family.

Michael Johns and Michaelangelos also allow large parties of people because they want to make sure their customers are as satisfied as possible. Edelweiss is a German restaurant in Bradenton. Junior Michelle Tscheu works at Edelweiss, which is a family owned restaurant.

“Our restaurant allows large groups of people as long as the meal is being paid for,” she said.  “They will allow a many people as possible.”

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