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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- With multiple writing courses offered at LRHS, Mustangs often find themselves having to shift between different forms of writing, each with a distinct format.

Many Mustangs undergo the task of shifting different writing styles on a daily basis. How easy is it to do?

Junior Jess Rines is a journalist for “Mustangs Ahead” and in a dual enrolled English class, so she is no stranger to writing in different styles.

Rines commented about the difficulty of the transfer between forms of writing.

“I go from journalism story writing to writing essays, and I find it very difficult,” she said. “They require different things, and when you have your mind set on one specific way of writing, it is hard to change.”

Senior Jon Barker has a similar experience when it comes to writing. He has taken multiple advanced English classes and he is a journalist for Mustangs Ahead.

Barker commented, “In a sense, I find it difficult because journalism writing has affected my ability to create filler, which at times is an important aspect of a word count essay.”

Senior Lauren Wood is an avid writer who takes a creative writing class, is a journalist for Mustangs Ahead, has taken multiple advanced writing classes, and writes stories in her free time and publishes her stories on writing websites.

Wood said, “I like to write lengthy, so for creative writing it’s easy, but for journalism it is difficult. I’ve taken a lot of writing classes over the years, so writing each style is easy. It’s the transitioning part that is difficult.”

English 2, American Lit teacher, and Creative Writing Club adviser Tatum Temple realizes why students can struggle, “I think it can be difficult. However, if you know what you want your final product to look like it’s pretty easy to write anything.”

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