Christina Russell – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- This rivalry week has special significance to senior Mustangs.  It’s the last time they’ll take on the Braden River Pirates.

It’s an especially emotional week for some students. Dawson Ganong said, “I cannot wait to cheer on my boys one more time. I’m really going to miss weeks like this.”

Peter Morgan said, “It’s a little different each year, but rivalry week is always a great time and I’m glad I get to be here for one more.”

Students are always on the edge of their seat hoping the Mustangs take a win. Olivia Danko said, “I’ve enjoyed rivalry week since I was a freshman, having a school rival makes the game so intense!”

It pushes other students to strive for greatness. Cheerleader Bristol Vestal stated, “The Pirates are going to be throwing big stunts to get their team excited for the game, I’m going to push myself to be the best flyer at the game.”

It is an opportunity to build bonds within the student athletes. Morgan McGuigan said, “A lot of the cheerleaders and football players are seniors this year. I’m the cheer captain, so I’ve been here for past rivalry games and I’m trying to build up the Mustang Athletes. Good sportsmanship is essential to winning.”

Mason Fischer said, “I can’t speak for the Pirates, but we senior Mustangs are going to play extra hard since it’s our last time around.”

The whole student body is included in rivalry week. A large portion of the student body will be found in the stands cheering on their team. Alexa Giddens said, “You can expect to see me in the stands soaking up every minute of my last rivalry week!”

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