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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The switch from middle school to high school and the eventual changes everyone goes through in their high school experience are often drastic, and for some, difficult to deal with. However, many LRHS students have older siblings who have already gone through the same thing. Many of these younger siblings find the experience much easier with this guidance in the family.

Sophomore Rachel Lamoureaux has an older sibling who has already graduated. Her sister, Sarah Lamoureaux, graduated in 2015. According to Lamoureaux, “she didn’t go to college after, but she has a full-time job running a company’s social media and reservations.”

Lamoureaux believes that by having an older sister who has already gone through the same school makes her experience drastically different.

“I have already learned enough about what happens in high school and can make sure I don’t make the same mistakes she might have, because I was able to watch her grow up first hand,” she said.

Another sophomore who has Mustang alumni in their family is Julian Hurt. His older sister, Aliyah Hurt, graduated in 2017. She, however, did dual enrollment at the State College of Florida (SCF), meaning her path to graduation was a little bit different from the traditional route. Since graduating, she moved to Florida State University (FSU) for her collegiate career.

Hurt also believes that her presence has influenced how he approaches high school. He said, “Yeah, I do think that she changed how I approach certain topics, because after watching her do dual enrollment at SCF, I can follow by example.” He plans to do dual enrollment as well, and he credits his sister as inspiration.

Sarah Genter, freshman, has two older siblings who have already graduated, Faith and Elisabeth. They graduated in 2017 and 2013 respectively. Faith Genter moved on to USF to study chemistry, while Elisabeth Genter is at New College studying art history.

Sarah Genter believes that her older sisters have helped her handle the stress that can come with high school. She said, “Having my older sisters explain how certain classes work has really helped me out. Having somebody who knows what you’re going through with stress and anxiety helps because they went through it too and turned out fine.”

Many students would agree that an older sibling has influenced them. For junior Mikela Campbell, having an older sibling “introduces you to things earlier on.” For senior Cade Wessel he believes that having his older brother Brett or any older sibling can “prepare you for things about school that no one else can before you go.”

Overall, having an older sibling who has already graduated can greatly influence a lot of decisions students make in high school. Having an older sibling can help students choose what to do in their school career.

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