Chris Georgas – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The first quarter of the school year ends on Thursday, Oct. 12, and for many LRHS students it marks their first quarter as high school students.

For these freshmen, the stress of being thrust into a new environment has now subsided into the routine of high school life. Of the 2,299 students at LRHS, the 639 freshmen account for the largest portion of the student body.

LRHS freshmen had different thoughts coming into high school for the first time. “I thought it was a new, entertaining learning environment,” said freshman Marco Bracero. “I will be fine,” he said about his outlook for the rest of the school year. Unlike Bracero, some did not see the transition so easily.

“My expectations were bad,” freshman Ethan Spasciani said, “I feel like everything has been rushed and it’s been hard to retain all the information.” Like Spasciani, some have felt somewhat overwhelmed with their new environment.

Spasciani also praised the work of the teachers, “The teachers have been there to help us so far.  I’ve been able to do well, and hopefully it will stay that way, and we’ll all have a great year,” he added.

Some LRHS freshmen enjoyed the transition. Freshman Kameron Smith stated, “I like it better here than in middle school.” For those like Smith, the transition has been eased by their friends.

Freshmen, along with all other LRHS students, will return to school on Monday, Oct. 16 to begin the second quarter.

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