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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS seniors have received a packet containing information on their first senior project: career-shadows. The packets contain information regarding the process seniors must go through to successfully complete a career shadow.

Career-shadowing is an opportunity that allows students to work alongside a professional in a career they might have interest in. If a student is interested in law enforcement, for instance, one could potentially join an officer on daily patrol. It’s a beneficial project that gives seniors an insight into their potential futures.

The nine-paged packets, which are due Dec. 7, were handed out by LRHS college and career counselor Michelle Todoroff. The packet carefully lays out the requirements for the project and other important information such as phone scripts, permission forms, questions to ask the shadow hosts, career surveys, and a rubric for a slideshow that must be created.

The shadow must last a minimum of three hours, and students will receive an excused absence if they miss school for the shadow.

“I am career shadowing a trauma nurse,” said Taylor Jefferson, “I am really excited that I’m getting the opportunity to do this because it is basically a glimpse of my future.”

Sarah Watts said, “Mr. [LRHS journalism teacher Tom] Honsa is talking to some journalists to see if we could tag along with them for the day, I’ve taken journalism all four years in high school and I think I could easily do this for a living,” said Sarah Watts.

Javier Herrara said, “Hopefully I will be shadowing a nurse. I’ve always liked helping people and it pays well. I’m expecting to gain some knowledge in how the job really works and the experience and schooling I will need for it.”

Everardo Salazar said, “I want to career shadow a tattoo artist, I’m a good artist and I think I’d be good at putting that artwork on people.”

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