Sarah Watts – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – As September comes to a close, college application deadlines are approaching.

Most of the major universities in Florida have their application deadlines set for Nov. 1.

The University of Florida application is due Nov. 1, the Student Self-Reported Academic Report is due Dec. 1, and all test scores are due Dec. 15.

The Florida State University application and supporting documents are due by Nov. 1.

The University of Central Florida has running admissions, and the University of South Florida application is due Nov. 1.

Most Florida universities require a myriad of information and an essay to complete an application. Further, Mustang seniors are currently working on applying for scholarships.

“This time of year for seniors is very stressful,” said LRHS senior Emily Weott. “I still need to decide what I want to write my essays on and start drafting them. I am applying to UF, UCF, and UT, all of which require essays on different topics.”

“I have finished all of my applications and essays,” said Cole Clark. “I got them done in August so I didn’t have to worry about it and I could focus on my senior year.”

LRHS Ciarra Scarbrough said, “I have all of my essays done, but I want to have my teachers edit them. Besides that, I am all done with college applications. I am very relieved to have everything done and I feel confident in my applications.”

Emma Price said, “I have drafted a few essays for the UF topics, so I still need to select which I like best and edit it.”

Senior Kelly Kisida said, “I have yet to start my college applications.  It is really stressing me out that I haven’t had time to work on my applications because of schoolwork. I am planning to dedicate a weekend to working on all of my applications so I can get them done.”

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