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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS tries to make sure students can grow and prosper with all the necessary material and skills. For some Mustangs one of those may be speech pathology.

Brittany Paglicco is the new LRHS speech pathologist, and her success stories and dedication are truly amazing.

There is a wide variety of speech disorders in the field.

paglicco psychologist
Brittany Paglicco is the new school psychologist

“I help kids that have fluency disorders, voice disorders, articulation disorders, but also with language,” Paglicco said. “Focusing on vocabulary skills, social skills working with individuals that are non-verbal trying to get them to communicate and expand upon their utterances.”

Paglicco previously worked in a high school, pre-school, and elementary.  This is her first year back at a high school level.

“Working with people and getting students prepared for the outside world and their careers is what inspires me and keeps me doing what I do,” Paglicco said.

In fact, one her success stories is about a little girl who came to her who did not speak any words, communicate, or even babble. After two years, not only was she able to communicate, but she was saying five to seven-word sentences.

“When you get those type of success stories it gives you a reason,” said Paglicco.  “In the therapy world, it’s not a quick, easy fix; there are always points that are really challenging. You have to have parent involvement, as well as client involvement; it’s really a team effort. With everyone working together, you can meet those goals. It’s really exciting to see those kids that came to you, and parents who were concerned, eventually able to move on and go to a regular kindergarten environment with their typical developing peers and interact with them appropriately and effectively.”

Paglicco earned her bachelor’s degree at Florida State University and her master’s at University of Central Florida.

“The reason why I went into the school system is my family always has always been involved in the school setting. My dad is a principal, my mom has worked in special education, so it just seemed like a good fit,” Paglicco said.

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