High school clubs are more than just fun and games after school. Some of them can lead to serious career discoveries and opportunities. Mustangs Ahead Staff Adina Mayo, Cameron Willis and Kara Smith take a closer look at the members of the clubs of LRHS, and find out how these clubs are helping their members envision their futures.

Kara Smith – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS Technology Student Association (TSA) is a club aimed to interest students wanting to be involved in the fast-growing world of technology. Club members have the opportunity to compete in a range of competitions, from 3D Animation to Technology Problem Solving.

In TSA, members strive to “learn to lead in a technical world,” as the club motto states.

TSA adviser Ben Long stated most students who join the club have a desire to work with technology and will likely pursue a career in the field.

Club President Ty Wilcox, senior, joined TSA to further his knowledge on general engineering and different types of computer programs. The club helped him to focus in on a career path in naval architecture.

“The club has helped a lot. I’ve learned a lot of new programs, skills and building techniques I wouldn’t know how to do without this club,” Wilcox commented.

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