Rachel Lamoureaux and Olivia Loop – Mustangs Ahead

Football season is already here, and freshman are getting used to playing on a high school team.

Their season started Aug. 24 with a home game against Southeast. The first half they kept it close, trailing 12-7. The final turned out to be a of 32-7 loss.

Clay Hoffman starred for the Mustangs with a pick-six interception.

While some of these students have played football before, the Mustang freshmen are adjusting to interscholastic athletics.

Dallas Rodriguez finds high school practice to be different from other practices, “It is more mental and there is a lot more passion in high school football.”

Hoffman agreed, “It is a lot more running and practice runs longer in high school.”

Eli Newman said his first game “was a well fought game until after the second half when we gave up on ourselves.” Ethan Downes had the same opinion, “Good at first, got sloppy at the end defensively.”

Rodriguez has an idea of who their hardest competitors will be, “Braden River is definitely going to be our best competition.” Hoffman disagreed, “Venice is going to be hardest to beat”.

Balancing homework, sports, and extracurricular activities is a feat many athletes face. While many students struggle with it, Rodriguez has found it to be easier than he originally thought, ” [It’s] not as hard as I thought because they give us the use of study hall after school.”

Newman, however, finds the balancing act to be quite a challenge, “[It’s] pretty hard, we have practice every day until 5:30 p.m.”

Hoffman said there is definitely more pressure in a high school game then other games they have played in the past, “You’re playing for your school, so you have to represent.” Rodriguez agreed, “There are a lot more people watching you play.”

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