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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- How many Mustangs know a Superhero?  One of LRHS’ own students, freshman Omer Danenberg-Lerner, does…at least an on-screen superhero.

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LRHS freshman Omer Danenberg-Lerner keeps in touch with family in Israel

One of Danenberg-Lerner’s family friends in Israel happens to be Galo Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman in the DC film series.

Danenberg-Lerner explained, “Yeah, her family and my family are close friends. She used to come over to our house for coffee.”

Danenberg-Lerner is familiar with not only the superhero lifestyle, but the international lifestyle as well. She lived in a small town in Israel until 2009, where she then moved to Bradenton to satisfy her father’s job requirements.

Danenberg-Lerner stated, “My dad always had to travel from Israel to Florida for his job, so it was just easier for our whole family to move to Florida.”

The move, however, was not easy for Danenberg-Lerner. The young freshman not only misses her family, but friends in Israel as well.

“All my family is in Israel and that made it hard to leave. I miss them most of all,” explained Danenberg-Lerner.

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