Why do you teach? Samantha Stoltz

stoltz and kid
LRHS social studies teacher Samantha Stoltz assists freshman Jim Smith

“Mustangs Ahead” is asking teachers “Why do you teach?” This segment is about social studies teacher Samantha Stoltz.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – I became a teacher because I had a really great Social Studies course my freshman year.  I loved the content and decided that I wanted to teach. Once I started my education courses, I fell in love with the career. I loved interacting with the students and knowing that every single day is going to be different. I felt like as a college student, I was already getting to make a difference.

I have been teaching for three years now.  All three of my years have been spent at LRHS.  I began teaching World History and World and Cultural Geography.  I was teaching those same courses my second year, but I had to abruptly change classes half way through the year.  I took on teaching Advanced Placement (AP) human geography and English 2 Honors. I now teach AP human geography and world and cultural geography (my two favorite classes, ever).

The good parts of my job definitely out-weigh the bad. One thing I wish was different was society’s views on teaching. I wish society had a greater respect for teachers. A lot goes into having a successful classroom and I really wish that the outside world understood that. Overall, I love my job. My favorite part is getting to know these kids and watching them grow into who they are.  It’s fun to hear their stories and learn about their backgrounds.