High school clubs are more than just fun and games after school. Some of them can lead to serious career discoveries and opportunities. Mustangs Ahead Staff Adina Mayo, Cameron Willis and Kara Smith take a closer look at the members of the clubs of LRHS, and find out how these clubs are helping their members envision their futures.

Adina Mayo – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is a program that helps LRHS students build and improve leadership skills, wellness and diversity, among many other things.

For junior Kendyl Brahler, JROTC is a big part of her life, and she has learned and achieved a lot since she joined the program her freshman year.

Brahler commented, “JROTC made me a more confident and a better public speaker.”

She is a Cadet Captain and Assistant Cadet Battalion Training Officer, or S-3.

“As the AS-3, I help the S-3 do everything regarding our weekly training schedule, and make sure the company leadership is up to date,” Brahler said.

However, Brahler didn’t join the program with the idea of going into the military in mind. It was what she learned through JROTC that convinced her.

“I decided that I was going to go into the military late into my sophomore year,” Brahler said. “I want a job that doesn’t involve putting my life on the line, like the Reserves or the National Guard.”

Senior Andrew Lim is also a long-time member of JROTC and Cadet Captain. He is also Company Commander of Bravo Company, the male Raider’s team captain, and is a part of the orienteering team.

Lim said, “At first, I joined JROTC with the intention of straight enlisting [in the military] when I got out of high school, but Colonel made me realize that joining JROTC in college would be better for me.”

He wants to be in the Infantry, but he’d like any combat role.

Like Brahler, Lim did not always know that he wanted to be in the military.

“I decided that I want to go into the military before I went into high school; the summer before freshman year,” Lim commented.

LRHS graduate and now college a sophomore at Stetson University, Gabe Overmyer was in JROTC for four years. At the end of his time in the program, he held the rank of Captain.

He said, “ROTC is different from JROTC mostly because, in JROTC the only military things you can do is uniform and drill, while in ROTC we learn formations and battle tactics.”

Overmyer is currently in Army ROTC.

“When I commission I will be a second lieutenant in the United States Army.

“JROTC is a great organization for anyone, not just for those who wish to join the military,” Overmyer commented. “Most of my JROTC senior class did not join the military.”