Mustangs (finally) start regular season with a win

mustangs take field v bhs
The LRHS varsity Mustangs take the field against Bayshore High

Robby Rodriguez – Mustangs Ahead

Football season is well under way with our Varsity football team having the first game of the regular season Friday…and Saturday.  The Mustangs faced the Bayshore Bruins with kick off at 7:30 p.m. Friday.

The Mustangs were quick to put up the first seven points in the beginning of the second quarter. The touchdown was a pass from senior quarterback Justin Curtis to senior receiver Mickey Koczersut. With 30 seconds left before half-time, however, a large thunderstorm passing over forcing the game to be postponed.

“It just really sucks that we didn’t get to finish the game that we started tonight,” said Senior defensive player Noah Benghuzzi.  “The whole team was really looking forward to this game against Bayshore since last week’s game got cancelled for the same reason, severe thunderstorms. Along with the game going very well, we had a lot of momentum going into the half thanks to our defense with the many stops they managed to create. Hopefully we get to finish this fight.”

The game continued at 10 a.m. Saturday morning.  The Bruins played a tough game, but the Mustangs held on for a 17-15 win.

The Mustangs’ next game is scheduled for 7:30 Friday against Southeast at home.