Mike Rogers – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- LRHS will host a fundraiser at the Friday, Sept. 1 football game for the American Red Cross in Houston, Texas. The money will be donated to the victims of the devastating Hurricane Harvey, which struck Texas on Aug. 25 and continues to wreak havoc.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Mustangs for Christ, Key Club, SGA and Lakewood Loves Animals are all pitching in their efforts to make the fundraiser happen.

Tin cans will be passed around during the football game. All attending is encouraged to put in whatever they can for the relief of thousands of hurricane victims. Donations will also be accepted at lunch Friday.

LRHS math teacher and Lakewood Loves Animals adviser Catherine Franek is one of the driving forces behind the fundraiser, and will be organizing students to collect money at halftime.

“This fundraiser is for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and they need it desperately. We decided to hold a fundraiser for them because it is the right thing to do. Just because we can’t see the victims doesn’t mean they aren’t suffering. So please, if you can help us contribute,” said Franek.

LRHS dean Kent Ringquist said, “What we’re doing is raising for money for the American Red Cross in Texas. We’re going to pass around a tin can and try to get whatever coins or money we can.

“Any amount helps, whatever we can raise we’ll be happy with; whatever we can do as a school and as a community I’m sure the Red Cross will be thankful,” he continued.

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