High school clubs are more than just fun and games after school. Some of them can lead to serious career discoveries and opportunities. Mustangs Ahead Staff Adina Mayo, Cameron Willis and Kara Smith take a closer look at the members of the clubs of LRHS, and find out how these clubs are helping their members envision their futures.

Cameron Willis – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- At LRHS, there is a wide assortment of career related clubs, including Student Government Association (SGA). SGA plays a large role in school functions and activities, and, without them, the school would hardly be the same.

SGA public relations officer Sydney Wicks, senior, said, “We do a bunch of different community service events, and we do things to benefit the students and the faculty at Lakewood.”

SGA is in charge of orchestrating homecoming and spirit week as well.

SGA is a club that is highly involved, Wicks explained, “I joined [Student Government] because it does a lot of things for the school.”

Wicks is still unsure of what field she wants to go into but is certain that what she has learned will stay with her, “SGA can help in whatever career you choose to go into, it teaches you to be open-minded, stay focused, and work in group situations.”

SGA adviser and learning strategies teacher Heather Kasper says, “I think the students join to be more involved in school and be a part of something.” This is her first year as SGA adviser, and she is taking this year to just learn the ropes.

“Next year, once I learn everything, then I will start making building on it,” said Kasper.

Sophomores and juniors can apply at the end of this school year for a chance to be in SGA in the 2018-2019 school year.

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