Workings of the mind the focus on new LRHS club

 Maddy Rosenberg – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH FL)- LRHS senior Ana Castellanos has developed a new school wide organization known as the “Psych (Psychology) Club.”

The club meets every other Wednesday, beginning Aug. 23 in room 533. At these meetings, the team will discuss matters of psychology, interesting facts, and surveys to distribute throughout the school.

Psych Club is growing, due to the recent advertisements created and distributed by the club members.  To be a member of this club, a mandatory $5 fee is to be paid to one of the officers, along with submitting a student application.

The members of the club include seniors Cole Clark, Ben Soto, Abigail Zion and president Castellanos.

“I have a strong passion towards psychology,” said Castellanos, “I plan on pursuing it into college and potentially having a future in that field.”

Castellanos has high hopes to continue the Psych club past her senior year, and to pass it down to next generation Mustangs.

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