LRHS science teacher Faust Delazzer captured this image of the solar eclipse

Morgan DeGlopper – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Unlike many Mustangs, LRHS anatomy and physiology teacher Faust Delazzer did not watch Monday’s eclipse from Florida.  He traveled to Nebraska to witness the astronomical event in all its glory.

Delazzer traveled 100 miles west of Lincoln, Nebraska to observe the eclipse. After taking a plane to Nebraska, he drove an hour and a half to reach his destination.

According to Delazzer it was worth it.

“It was sort of like half an hour after sunset, where you can still see some sun rays on the horizon but the horizon was all around you. The birds stopped singing, the fireflies came out, crickets started chirping and frogs started croaking,” said Delazzer.

He described the feeling of experiencing the eclipse, “So amazing. I still get goosebumps thinking about it right now.”

The trip did not come together overnight though. The experience was a product of about four years of planning. He is already planning for the next total eclipse in 2024.

“I’m probably going to take my grandkids with me,” Delazzer said.

The 2024 total eclipse will be visible in an arc from Texas to Maine, but once again Floridians will not be able to see the moon completely obscure the sun.

Regardless, Delazzer insists upon witnessing the eclipse if possible, “It’s a must in 2024… you have to go see it.”

This isn’t Delazzer’s first eclipse. He observed a partial eclipse in Arizona but was not as well prepared the first time, “My kids and I pulled off to the side of the road when it was happening and got out a paper plate and made one of those make shift viewers on the busy highway.”

While he viewed the past eclipse with a paper plate viewer, he viewed Monday’s eclipse with eclipse glasses.

Delazzer isn’t just an astronomy fan, though. He is a self–acclaimed “science geek” and was even planning on seeing Bill Nye the Science Guy while in Nebraska. Unfortunately, he had to change plans to ensure he would be able to get a perfect view of the total eclipse.

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